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  • What to Wear to a Fancy Dinner

    What to Wear to a Fancy Dinner
    Dinners with dress codes are often few and far between, but when they do pop up on your calendar, is your closet ready to go? Sometimes, your Sunday best isn’t suitable for a four or five-star formal restaurant, but often business-formal pieces and borderline black-tie looks are the best we’ve got. So, let’s get into some formal wear ideas for when you’re dining out....
  • What to Wear to an Interview

    What to Wear to an Interview
    So, you've got a job interview coming up! That's exciting, right? With job interviews, there's a lot of prep involved, from perfecting your resume and practicing interview questions, to wearing the perfect outfit. You don't want to overdress, but you certainly don't want to underdress, as looking professional is important for most industries. Today, we'll break down what to wear to an interview by...
  • What to Wear to a Wedding [by Season]

    What to Wear to a Wedding [by Season]
    Weddings happen pretty much every weekend of the year, which means there's a lot of room for different fashion choices in terms of color, style, material, and more. Whether you're aware of the big event months in advance or have to snag something off the rack a few days – or hours – in advance, we'll help point you in the right direction so...
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